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The Elephant Walks

  • Time: 3 hours to 5 hours
  • Distance: 7kms, 8kms, 9kms or 15kms
  • Exertion: Light to moderate
  • Features: Magnificent moist high forest, the old forest railway line, the King Edward VII 600 year old Outeniqua Yellow wood tree, forest birds, fungi.


All three walks are in the the Diepwalle Forest, once home to herds of 500-600 elephants of which now only three remain. (Officially, but who knows.)

This area was also home to the famous woodcutters. The walks are great for anyone wanting to get a real forest experience with all the forest birds, the fungi, the mushrooms, the bushbuck, baboons ... the list is endless. Two walks can be done back to back to make a full day hike of 15kms. My personal favorite is the 8km route.

On this route there are at least 4 magnificent 800 year-old Outeniqua Yellowwoods that somehow escaped the Woodcutters axes back in the 1800's. Forest giants in their natural habitat. There are also large areas of Tree Ferns ... picture Jurassic Park ... or Lord of the Rings ... it's like being lost in time. Truly awesome. The walks are all fairly gentle and come be done anyone with a moderate fitness. I recommend this one for tree lovers!!

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