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Knysna Forest Tours
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Woodcutters Trail

  • Time: 1 ½ hrs or 4 hours
  • Distance: 3kms or 9kms
  • Exertion: Light to moderate
  • Features: The heart of the Knysna Indigenous Forest in the Goudveld area with many prime examples of 600+ year old Outeniqua Yellowwoods and 3m high tree ferns.


Huge trees, old giants, the hysterical cackling of Red Billed Wood hoopoes, massive Tree Ferns, gulleys, streams, ancient Iron wood trees - this is the heart of the forest. Arum Lillies, fungi, bracket fungis, porcupines, dreams of Oupoot ( the long lost hero matriarch Elephant made famous by Daleene Mathee,) Baboon droppings, Bushpig droppings and Bushbuck droppings are seen on almost every corner.

A real forest experience, this is one you HAVE to do. Suitable for all ages, from 5 years old to ...

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