Woodcutters Trail
Woodcutters Trail


Huge trees, old giants, the hysterical cackling of Red Billed Wood hoopoes, massive Tree Ferns, gulleys, streams, ancient Iron wood trees - this is the heart of the forest. Arum Lillies, fungi, bracket fungis, porcupines, dreams of Oupoot ( the long lost hero matriarch Elephant made famous by Daleene Mathee,) Baboon droppings, Bushpig droppings and Bushbuck droppings are seen on almost every corner.

A real forest experience. Suitable for all ages, from 5 years old to ...

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Share your adventure
Should you wish to document your adventure, we - at Tony Cook Adventures - are able to supply you with photographs and video. Please enquire for rates when you book. GoPro footage and professional pic available!
School Tours
We offer forest excursions, team building and "Dalene Matthee Circles in the Forest" educationals for scholars. Superb outings for learners of all ages.
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